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Metal — commonly known as Powder Coated Steel, metal toilet partitions balance high quality with great cost-efficiency by providing a durable material at a very reasonable cost. Comes with numerous privacy and anti-graffiiti options for additional robusticity.

Laminate — occasionally referred to as High Pressure Laminate, it is an industrial-grade particle board core with a resin infusion that also has an added capability of extensive customization. The extensive design choices come at a reasonable cost only slightly higher than a typical metal partition.

Plastic — plastic toilet partitions are constructed with a solid, molded piece of high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. HDPE is a highly viable solution for areas where moisture could cause mold, mildew, and other environmental damages to different toilet partitions.

Stainless Steel — a highly natural and elegant material, stainless steel is exceptionally sleek and can bring a pristine appearance to any bathroom; comes in a variety of textures and has privacy options for those who require slightly less visibility from the outside.

Solid Phenolic — created with an infusion of Kraft paper layers and resin to form a solid core, Solid Phenolic is an exceptionally durable material that not only provides a substantial moisture resistance, but also an ability to utilize a wide variety of colors.