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Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Available in the following mounting configurations:

Stainless Steel is a premium steel toilet partition material that features a very sleek, updated, and elevated appearance. Showcasing a bright and vivid surface, stainless steel is as functional as it is beautiful. The #4 finish provided on the material contains a small amount of chromium, giving it a reasonable resistance to rust. The natural composition of the material makes it an exceptionally strong material that does not succumb to damage easily, and if for any reason scratches do occur, they can simply be buffed out without too much of a hassle.

Additional textured finishes can be applied to assist in the ability to further resist damages. A textured exterior adds a "hatched" patterning that substantially increases the difficulty of a jagged object that would normally cause irreperable damage.

Stainless steel is also an environmentally conscientious choice, featuring well over 90% recycled content. As such, it is a fantastic choice for organizations trying to certify their facilities as LEED compliant.

FIRE RATING: Stainless steel's material is naturally one of the best in the industry in fire safety. With regards to ASTM E84 fire resistance standards, Stainless Steel receives a CLASS A ranking — there is no rating higher. In case of a fire, stainless steel will perform better than just about every other toilet partition material, and will have next to no flame or smoke spread.