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Metal (Powder Coated Steel) Toilet Partitions

Available in the following mounting configurations:

As the name suggests, these partitions are made out of steel that has been treated with a powder-coating. This gives a smooth and somewhat glossy appearance that bears a noticeable durability compared to regular steel. Additionally, the metal itself is galvanized — or coated with a layer of zinc, to heavily mitigate the effects of rust.

Powder coated steel toilet partitions have a reasonable color selection that can be applied to them, making them a flexible choice for interesting design constraints. There are also numerous stock colors that are part of quick shipment programs, meaning that owners under difficult schedules can receive their toilet partition materials quickly.

The low cost of these partitions does not equate to low-quality under any circumstance.

FIRE SAFETY: These toilet partitions are industry-leaders with regards to fire safety: metal toilet partitions rank CLASS A for fire resistance under the constraints of ASTM E84 standards, meaning that their ability to resist flame is strong enough to deter flame spread and smoke at exceptionally high levels.

RECYCLABILITY: Additionally, they contain respectable amounts of recycled content, making them ideal candidates for architects, project managers, or even owners that are seeking potential LEED certification.