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Phenolic Toilet Partitions

Phenolic, or on occasion, solid phenolic, is a premium toilet partition material that proves to be versatile thanks to the sturdy construction. The material's composition is somewhat complex, fusing a number of sheets of kraft paper and infusing them with a resin to harden, allowing it to form a solid core from front to back. As a result, the material has a durability that is difficult to rival. Another special facet of this material is the fact that the solid resin core prevents the core from retaining any sort of water or other moisture, making it a highly ideal choice for locations that have direct exposure to water that could otherwise damage other toilet partitions.

Solid phenolic toilet partitions also find themselves to be highly applicable in many situations thanks to their almost endless customization. Similar to their more economical, high presure laminate counterpart, phenolic toilet partitions have a laminated melamine face that provides a capability to utilize an overabundace of colors. Phenolic comes in a large assortment of colors and surfaces that are provided by Wilsonart®, Formica®, Nevamart®, and Pionite®, allowing owners to ponder over the choice of over 400 colors.