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Solid Plastic (HDPE) Toilet Partitions

Available in the following mounting configurations:

Solid plastic toilet partitions are a high-quality material that finds itself reasonably applicable in numerous situations. It is constructed with a solid, uninterrupted piece of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from exterior to interior. HDPE is a special style of plastic that is impermeable, or has an inability to retain any sort of water. As a result, it is a common choice for areas where the moisture levels are higher than normal, as the associated risks with rusts and mold are mitigated. These abilities also open the door for hose-down and steam cleaning.

In addition to being water-resistant, it also resists impact better than metal partitions do, and aesthetic damages can be burnished out using smooth, rounded objects. If for any reason the plastic partitions underperform, they come tacked with a 25-year warranty, ensuring that replacement will not be anyone's near future.

FIRE SAFETY: the material can be constructed for ASTM E84 CLASS C, CLASS B, and CLASS A compliance, ensuring that costs can always be taken in mind when figuring out the appropriate fire rating for a given situation. Note: recent changes in fire rating standards require high-density polyethylene to be compliant with NFPA 286 standards, as opposed to the usual ASTM E84 standards.

RECYCLABILITY: HDPE is another material that is a largely desirable due to how environmentally conscious it is: it contains a large amount of pre-consumer recycled content, and is guaranteed to be 100% recyclable.