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Plastic Laminate (High Pressure Laminate) Toilet Partitions

Available in the following mounting configurations:

Plastic laminate toilet partitions are also occasionally referred to as "high pressure laminate" toilet partitions. These toilet partitions are composed of two key materials that provide distinct separation and advantages compared to that of its economic counterpart: powder coated steel. High pressure laminate toilet partitions have an industrial-grade particle board core that provide a reasonable resistance to denting and/or scratching. Additionally, they have a specialized laminated face that presents an unrivaled ability to customize.

Plastic laminate comes in an exceptional variety of colors and textures. Owners of these partitions have the ability to pick from numerous surfaces provided by the well known Wilsonart®, Pionite®, Formica®, and Nevamar® brands, presenting users with the opportunity to choose from well over 400 colors. Owners also have the opportunity to pick from numerous quick shipment colors to get their material expedited for tight timing constraints.

FIRE SAFETY: The plastic laminate used on the partitions is ASTM E84 compliant, earning a CLASS B rating. CLASS B rated materials are classified as detering flame and smoke spread, keeping them to minimal levels when set ablaze.