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RivetRite Shelving

A supremely economical solution to those looking to fulfill their storage needs, RivetRite shelving provides simplicity in structural support by creating boltless connections in-between beams and posts. Assembly is seamless and does not require any sort of complicated tools, and the shelves in the unit are adjustable, allowing the units to be custom-designed to handle items in a way that is suitable for what they are storing.

RivetRite shelving is composed with a baked, durable powder coated steel finish, and is available in a reasonable variety of colors to satisfy owners and their design needs. Additionally, they are constructed with numerous applications in mind — regular storage to inventory carts and everything in between, RivetRite is a low-cost, high-applicability shelving unit. Detailed manufacturer information about each given product can be downloaded by clicking the silver PDF buttons.

Single Rivet Units — all shelving storage levels utilize a single rivet for stability. Structural points along the four sides of the unit and the top and bottom use two beams for enhanced support. Single-rivet units can be made as long as 48" wide.

Double Rivet Units — as opposed to the double rivets only existing on structural edges, double rivet units utilize two rivets for every intersection and/or point of connection. Double-rivet units can be made as long as 96" wide, and will have a height of either 84" or 120".

Record Storage — as the name indicates, this is a specialized construction sized specifically for the purpose of storing larger boxes that typically exist when associated with record storage.

Inventory Systems — there are numerous forms of applicable RivetRite storage systems that serve effectively as inventory systems and/or transportation. Includes tire-storage, hanging storage, and even inventory carts as well.

Two-Level Storage — two-level storage presents an opportunity to maximize storage by converting normally unused space above the ground. It can be constructed to have two levels of RivetRite storage, or one level with an uninterrupted deck.