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Clipper Shelving

In addition to being constructed with reasonable quality for the price, Clipper-variety shelving has numerous configurations that can be chosen to tailor to owners in various situations. Detailed manufacturer information about each given product can be downloaded by clicking the silver PDF buttons.

Open Shelving — highly versatile, economical, general purpose units. As their name suggests, the backs and sides of the units are open. Individual sections are supported by way of 12-gauge, 34" sway braces.

Closed Shelving — sides and backs are filled in with steel panels to showcase a very clean appearance while maintaining a stable, well-structured unit. Because three of the four sides are closed, it is possible to add locking doors in an effort to increase security.

Bin Units — units contain closed sides and backs, and are separated accordingly depending on the length provided. Bin fronts are provided to keep small items from falling off of the shelving units. Comes in numerous varieties of 36 inch and 48 inch lengths.

Ledge Units — applicable for situations where modest shelf space needs to be combined with a workable surface at a reasonable height. Seven openings, featuring 24" bottom shelves and 12" top shelves to provide a usable ledge for work-related activities.

Counter Units — featuring a sleek and clean design, counter units have a reinforced steel top that serves as an ideal surface for any sorts of work.

Special Purpose Units — as the name suggests, there are various specialized designs that cater to those in specific occupations, whose storage needs may differentiate from that of a normal storage unit.