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Duty Lockers

Duty lockers are effective when applied to various situations. Designed for those who find themselves as first responders, these special storage units work best for anything ranging in police occupations to EMS, and everything in between where individualized storage and access is of importance.

Gear Lockers — featuring a shelf beneath the lockers center and customizable sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches of interior width, they are an ideal choice for placing bulky pieces of equipment that would otherwise be difficult to store in an ordinary locker.

Duty Lockers — duty lockers are a highly compartmentalized unit of storage that prove to be exceptionally durable. Built with a 14 gauge shell and a 16 gauge drawer, these lockers have a greatly customizable interior that is coupled with fantastic strength.

Turnout Lockers — when speed of access is necessary, turnout lockers are the way to go. Containing an open face with heavy-duty coat hooks, users access their necessities as easily as they store them.